Adventures of a Lazy Girl

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where the hell have I been?

Workin. Boozin. Slept for 16 hours yesterday. Bickering with the husband. Driving mucho miles to see family. I'm not sure if I'll fill in details or not but that's what's been occupying my time lately.

Miss you guys.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another one of my tees

Just something I got at the MTV store. It's pink AND it has a bunny. Of course, I had to get it!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Stupid Stick

I hate the fucking comparison stick. I guess my neighbor moved back in with her parents b/c her husband got a promotion. Yeah, totally doesn't make sense to me either. I'll have more details later but I'm basically pissed off b/c her dad kept telling my grandma that she graduated. And she repeated this fact to me FIVE times! I fuckin get it! I told her that she should have told him that I graduated too. Just not all the way but it's still better than nothing. Besides, when I finally get my bachelor's it won't be from an online school. Seriously though, I guess when my motivation for school disappears, I'll just have to look back and think about how pissed off I am at this very moment.

Need Money

Something B sent me. I've seen similar ones in the city. Not ninja-related, but something along the same lines.

Shout Out: Impulsive Buy

Here's that link about the tanning lotion. Click me!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

NYC Pics Part I

From one of our few visits to Times Square. I'm still amazed that the cup of noodles was actually steaming.

We didn't eat here, but I just had to take a picture b/c it said Spanky's. teehee, Spanky's.

It was such a trip b/c we just saw The Day After Tomorrow on TV. Anyway, I really wanted to go inside and explore but they were closed. *sigh*


I really wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but 1) we didn't have kids and 2) the line was soooo long.

Free Katie

Abercrombie had other celebrity tees, like "Orlando makes me sweat," but my Orlando thing is so 2003/2004. Anyway, I felt that I had to rock this tee. Seriously, she needs to get away from Tom. Their movies both came out already. They both made money. Now it's time to get away from Tom and his crazy ass.


I'm blaming the moodiness on the heat. I'm not as bad as last week, but I am still quick to get irritated.

On a good note though, I finally saw March of the Penguins AND B actually stayed awake to watch all of it. Sometime during the movie, I was like kids are going to watch this movie in class one day. How could they not? Informative and adorable? That has to be on the matriculation. Anyway, I highly recommend this documentary. Those penguins are bad ass. Loving, selfless, and resilient. Although, if your clock is ticking (or your partner's clock is), then avoid avoid avoid. The mommy/daddy calling will totally kick into overdrive.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back and Bitter

Maybe it's the lack of blogging but I've been such an angry individual lately. I'm snappy and sarcastic. I've blown up at strangers. Hell, even my dreams are violent. Is this my lesson for not staying up to date with my blog? Anyway, some things I need to get off my chest:

  • Okay, that brand Hollister... I don't understand how it's blown up like Abercrombie. Folks, have you been to Hollister, CA? Bleh.
  • I get one day off a week. For the past two weeks. Why am I working more now than when I was full time?
  • I was hot and sweating one minute. Then the next I was freezing and shivering and nauseous. I didn't go to the doctor but everybody's convinced it's food poisoning. What did I eat? Either the chicken salad from BK or the fruit and walnut salad from McDonald's. See, this is why I need to stick with grease.
  • I really am a bitch at the movies now. "Can you move down a seat?" No! Get here 30 minutes early like I did. I get here early so I can a nice seat with a view of the middle of the screen. Not so that I can move down to the side 5 minutes into the movie b/c your ass had to get your noisy, messy nachos.
  • 45 minutes in line at IKEA. I shit you not. What did I have to buy? A hamper. ONE item. The person ahead of me was like wait, can you take this and that out b/c I'm not sure if I really want it. Basically, the cashier had to keep on voiding it b/c he couldn't make up his damn mind. I finally got fed up and was like FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I'VE GOT ONE FUCKING ITEM! She told me that I had to wait my turn. I was so close to throwing that hamper at her ass. After I yelled THIS IS BULLSHIT, I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER she rang me up and let me go on my way. Never going there again after work on a weekend. NEVER.
  • Violent dreams. I had a dream that JA sat on B's lap. I guess during my sleep I was swinging my arm and woke B up. He's like what's wrong. I was like I was stabbing that bitch for getting near my man.

I seriously need some down time. I'm psychotic now.